Are You Sure? Today’s Interesting Read.

“It’s not what we don’t know that hurts us. It’s what we know that simply ain’t true.”

Mark Twain (among others)

I often read news stories or hear reports on the radio about claims about new treatments, dietary/environmental factors or artificial intelligence findings that have some bearing on our health, and they make me ask, “Are you sure?” Some articles address this issue head-on and discuss what we know and don’t know.

As I become aware of such articles I will post them here. At times I may have the time to critique the articles/findings; even if I do not, perhaps you can read/review the claims or findings and make comments to share with others. In that way, we can create a community of “analytic thinkers” who seek to understand what we think we know or at least how sure we are in our knowledge.

Artificial intelligence for medicine needs a Turing test. Obesity would be a good one


AUGUST 28, 2019

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